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Year One: Developmental Milestones to Remember

Good evening to our readers!

For those within our Chicago Collegiate Nannies community that work with babies and toddlers, we are all aware of how much growth happens within the first year of life. This week's Nanny Tip of the Week is here to remind you of some important developmental milestones you are likely to see by a child's first birthday and some activities you can do to help them reach those milestones much easier! Check out the tips below and enjoy trying out these fun activities that go along with them!

1. Drumming Along - Set up a fun percussion set for your one year old complete with pots, pans, toys, sticks, and anything else that catches the attention of your child. You can make it a fun game for you both as well as practice listening skills and coordination (two important developmental skills to learn at this age)!

2. Walking with a Basket - Is your little one attempting to walk or has begun "cruising?" Take a low stable object (like a low basket) that can be pushed across the floor and encourage your one-year-old to make it to the other end of the hallway or room. This helps them work on their gross motor skills and with their listening skills. Also, it's so cute to watch them practice walking on their own!

3. Bring Toys to Life - Taking their favorite teddy bear, doll or super hero and making it lifelike will increase your child's language skills, cognitive skills (imitating gestures) and social/emotional skills (imitating others in play). Help your child's toys do everything that your child does throughout the day including taking a bath, eating lunch, taking a nap, etc. and you will be practicing several developmental skills essential to your one year old!

4.Clapping Games - If there's one thing that one year olds love to do, it's clap! Clapping with your one year old helps increase language skills, imitating gestures and helps with their hand-eye coordination. Don't underestimate the power of clapping!

Below is the link for important developmental milestones that is helpful to refer to. This link breaks it down into several categories of what one year old are working on developing. Click the link here for more information! http://childmind.org/guide/developmental-milestones/milestones-at-1-year/

We hope you all enjoy this week's Nanny Tip of the Week and our Chicago Collegiate Nannies team hopes you have a fantastic week!


Samantha Carney

Photo Credit: Philippe Put (https://flic.kr/p/r85Lzi)