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Why Part Time Nannying Can Benefit You

Good evening readers!

Happy New Year to everyone! I’m sure you all are still getting back in to the swing of things after the holidays. For many nannies, that entails starting a new semester with a new schedule for your kiddos. For other nannies, that means starting your job search! For many nannies we work with at Chicago Collegiate Nannies, there is certainly a market for part time after school nannies. For many college students, obtaining a part time nannying position is a perfect opportunity to earn valuable experience, pay your bills, and still have time to work on your degree. This week, we’d like to take a moment to share some of the benefits of part time childcare and things to consider as you begin job searching for a part time position!

1. Set realistic expectations with balancing school and employment - For many students, there can be a TON of down time. Some students decide to fill that time with participating in student clubs, sororities/fraternities, or (let’s be honest) sleeping in. If you have made the decision to sign on to a part time nannying position, take an honest look at your schedule, your major and your life and see if this really is something you can responsibly take on. If you realize you cannot commit to something a part time schedule, perhaps temporary nannying or babysitting is more suited for you. If you find that switching a couple of classes around can give you more availability to work an after school nanny position and you can maintain balance for a consistent amount of time, take a moment to strongly consider applying to an agency for your next job! 

2. Look at your skills, and find ways to market yourself as a nanny - Many nannies may not realize that they are able to utilize their past experience and skills to boost their marketability in their major. For example, if you have previous tutoring experience, part time nannying is a great way to continue that passion. If you are taking nursing classes, part time nannying can be a great way to get experience with the pediatric population. Regardless of your interests, if you’re willing to put in the work and you have a desire to work in childcare, you can find many ways to boost your resume while also supporting yourself through school.

3. Once hired, find ways to make an after school nannying position fun and unique - After school nannying positions often include transporting children to and from after school activities, basic cleaning around the home, prepping dinner/meals and assisting with homework. The schedule can have a tendency to get monotonous, so it is important to look at your week, and find ways to make those tasks enjoyable! I often find that playing games while driving to and from activities, singing along in the car or even having a “prize bag” in the car for good behavior can make the time that goes by much more engaging. Just because you may only spend roughly twenty hours a week with your family while having a busy schedule doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

Seeking a part time nannying position provides so many benefits to a young adults or college age student. As mentioned, it requires setting realistic expectations for yourself, some self reflection on how to market yourself more effectively, and it can be a lot of fun when you find the right fit! We hope these couple of tips can help illuminate how part time nannying can be a great addition to your life and encourage you to step out into a new chapter as the new year begins. Thank you so much for reading this week and we look forward to bringing you another tip very soon!

Sam Speed

Photo Credit: Victor Semionov (https://flic.kr/p/r9UPS9)