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Why Family Discretion Is Important

Happy Sunday everyone!

Our team at Chicago Collegiate Nannies hopes that your new year is off to a great start and that you are getting used to any transitions/changes in your schedule as a nanny. This week's topic for our Nanny Tip involves an important aspect to everyone's position: family discretion. Although this tip can be especially helpful for nannies in the area that work for families in the public eye, this week's tip is also important for any family that you will work for. Please check out these helpful hints below as you will certainly need them as a professional nanny!

1. Be sure not to publicize family's private information on the internet and/or social media platforms - As common as the use of social media is in this generation, be sure to be careful with how you share information. This is especially important because of how many family's prefer not to have their private family information (i.e. address, children's names, your employer's jobs, your employer's marital status, etc.) online for everyone to see. Whatever you choose to post should always respect your family's privacy and should never use specific information on the internet. 

2. Act as if someone was always watching you - This is not to sound creepy, but imagine that wherever you are, that the family/your employers are watching you. This means that if you are at the park with your kiddos, that you are also maintaining professionalism as their caregiver in public. Representing the family is directly connected to how you represent yourself so be mindful of the image you portray (this also includes when you are off the clock!).

3. Be aware of whom you air your grievances to - If you are struggling with your little one at your position and just cannot get your two year old to listen, be smart about who you air those frustrations to (and who might be listening). This tip is somewhat connected to the previous tip, but especially be sure how you portray the family you work for. Thankfully, Chicago Collegiate Nannies works to be a liason to both nannies and families whenever challenges arise and our team is here to guide you through any challenges with your placement while maintaining nanny and family discretion. If you work independently as a nanny, find someone that you can trust to process any challenges with your position or find an agency like Chicago Collegiate Nannies that can be a support for you if difficulties arise. 

4. Always find a way to find positivity in your placement - When thinking about client discretion, feel free to share the things that are positive with others! Sharing your favorite things about the family you work for is certainly acceptable and much appreciated by anyone who listens. Go on and share that positivity!

Overall, keep the above tips in mind when discussing any information about your families and maintain professionalism no matter what. You are sure to not have any issues if you do so. Thanks so much for checking in for this week's Nanny Tip! We look forward to bringing you another tip soon!


Samantha Carney

Photo Credit: Personal Creations (https://flic.kr/p/qGQziX)