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What to Know When Vacation Nannying!

Hi everyone!

On occasion, the family you work for may ask you many nanny's favorite question: "Would you like to come nanny on a trip with us?" For those nannies that are gifted with the opportunity to do this, you know what a fun (and money making!) opportunity you have before you if you take up that offer. Thus, this week's Nanny Tip of the Week is going to address what things to keep in mind if you plan to travel with your family, so continue reading for some helpful advice!

1. Fully discuss compensation on the front end - In my opinion, this is absolutely the most critical piece of advice when it comes to traveling with a family. Make sure you go into the conversation with certain questions in mind including how much you will get paid when the children are asleep, how traveling expenses will be covered, what meals will be covered, etc. By not doing this ahead of time, a lot of nannies end up with unclear expectations that don't meet up with reality. So before you move forward with a particular trip, go ahead and plan a specific sit down with your employers and come ready with a list of questions so you can iron out all of the compensatory details beforehand. 

2. Find out what sleeping arrangements will be made - Will you be in a separate hotel room? Is your room next door to the children? Is there a chance that children might want to sleep in the same room as you? Find out the answers to these questions as well and factor that into your vacation rate. If you prefer to have a room of your own and not have children knocking on your door late at night to come ask you questions or to sleep in your room, then be sure to think through what your boundaries are and what you plan to provide in terms of your services for the vacation so you can be ready to discuss with your employers. 

3. Remember that this is not your vacation - Just because you might get the chance of a lifetime to go work for a week in Fiji with the kids you nanny does not mean you get to "check out." You are still on the clock and should be providing the same nannying services (if not better!) that you would if you were still back home. Plus, if the family has agreed to pay for all of your travel expenses, the least you can do is give your kiddos the time of their life by doing every resort activity with them with a great attitude. If you keep the mindset of this being another week at work, you are less likely to lose sight of the fact that you are in an exotic destination and better equipped to provide the best childcare! 

4. If the family gives you scheduled breaks, take advantage of them! - Our very own managing director, Lydia Brown, has had numerous opportunities to travel with the families she has worked for in her days as a nanny. And on those trips, when she was given scheduled hours of the morning or evenings to have her "me time," she used that time to get in her daily run, get into book she had been wanting to read or go take a much needed nap. Find what pockets of time you can sneak this in and maximize that time as much as possible because you'll need it while vacation nannying!

Hopefully these tips can help you feel more confident when figuring out details for the next vacation your family takes! If you have any other suggestions you have found useful, please share them with us because we love your feedback! Until next time, best of luck on your next vacation with your kiddos and we look forward to sharing another tip with you next week!


Samantha Carney

Photo Credit: Rob Briscoe (https://flic.kr/p/p4m1No)