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Ways to Celebrate GALentine's Day!

Good evening to everyone!

Happy Sunday! We hope you have all had a fantastic weekend full of rest and enjoyment. Considering one of the most popular holidays is coming up, we thought we would give a nod to St. Valentine for this week's Nanny Tip! With all of the cute valentine cards your little one is likely filling out for their friends and classmates this year, we thought we would introduce you to a fun new idea you can do with your female little ones: GALentine's Day! GALentine's Day is a great get-together that celebrates both being a lady and Valentine's Day all in one. Below are some fun and easy tips for how to celebrate your own version of GALentine's Day this year to make it super special if you have little girls! Check out the tips below and be sure to share all of your fun ideas with all of our readers!

1. GALentine's Day temporary tattoos - What's GALentine's Day without some fun tattoos to celebrate?! This great idea just requires a printer and some temporary tattoo paper to create this fun activity and craft. With the fun variety available, your little girl is sure to enjoy putting these on her arms as you celebrate together. Check out the link here for more info on how to make these cute tattoos: http://studiodiy.com/2016/02/04/free-printable-galentines-day-tattoos/

2. DIY Rose Scrub - Every GALentine needs to pamper themselves (am I right?) so this ideas is perfect for the girls who need to relax. With a few materials and ingredients, your girl time will be complete and you will have made a fun GALentine's Day memory in the process! Check out the link here for more information: http://www.popsugar.com/beauty/DIY-Rose-Body-Scrub-Video-42358402

3. Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Pops - Chocolate might as well be a girls best friend (right after diamonds!) so this fun recipe is perfect to fulfill that sweet tooth. Not only are these strawberries super delicious, but they also look super cute when they are put together! Use these as an afternoon snack or as a GALentine's gift that your little girl can give as a gift to someone special. Check out the link here for more information: http://www.aspicyperspective.com/chocolate-dipped-strawberry-pops

4. Printable GALentine's Pages - GALentine's Day wouldn't be complete without some good old coloring pages to commemorate the day! Use these templates to create some unique GALentine's cards for all the females in your little one's life. Plus, you can be sure to have a fun variety to make them special to each of their friends! Check out the link here for more info: http://persialou.com/2016/02/printable-galentines-day-coloring-pages.html

We hope you all take some time to enjoy GALentine's Day this year with your special gal/gals and can make some fantastic memories along the way. Keeping in mind to spread the love this year is sure to make your girls feel loved and cared for this year. Thank you all so much for tuning in this week and don't forget to share your special tips and tricks as you celebrate GALentine's Day this year! Have a wonderful and heart-filled week!

Samantha Carney

Photo Credit: Javcon117* (https://flic.kr/p/rjpx3j)