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Using Your Uniqueness to Get the Job

Good evening everyone!

When I first moved to Chicago, I knew that my two main priorities were (1) finding an apartment and (2) finding a job. I also knew that I wanted to begin my nanny career in this Windy City and didn't know where to start or what would be important to keep in mind before I even got started. If you're looking for a way to "re-brand" yourself or brand yourself in general, then this Nanny Tip of the Week is what you need to read! Check out the tips below to get you started and to learn to brand yourself effectively!

In today's world, business is certainly driven by the idea of supply and demand. With that in mind, think about your role as a nanny and decide how you want to truly sell yourself. Because ultimately, YOU are the product. Once you have this perspective in mind, you can begin to strategically create that unique edge for yourself and be known as a great nanny in your community.

1. Join an agency - If you haven't done so, this is an amazing first step (cue throwing out the shameless plug for Chicago Collegiate Nannies: check!). I can speak from personal experience that had I not done this when I first moved to Chicago, I may not have gotten to where I am today. Finding that sense of community is so valuable and a great way to get yourself started in this field. So if you haven't found one, apply with us today!


2. Discover your unfair advantage - This concept will also help you to decide why you are the best person for a particular nanny job. For example, are you bilingual? A teacher? Are you a classical violinist? Take some time to sit down and reflect on what that special skill is for you. Once you find your niche, use that information to make yourself stand out to a potential employer. I promise you, you will thank yourself once you discover your unfair advantage because having this knowledge will give you that edge you need!

3. Use the internet as your personal marketing tool - Whether you use LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook, be sure your social media/online presence represents yourself in a way you would want a potential family to view you. It has also become more and more common to see parents and potential employers on Facebook themselves. If you want a potential family to see that you play the violin (and play it well), be sure that picture of you playing at your last concert is there on your social media! Again, this is a great opportunity to create your identity without anyone having met you in person yet, so use it to your advantage.

4. Go out and network - Find ways to connect yourself with new clubs, organizations or even sports teams or even help link the kids you might currently be nannying for. It is always smart to have your eyes and ears open for opportunities when it comes to branding yourself. Networking can even be done in making or modifying your business card. Ultimately, find a way to package yourself as the best product/nanny and sell it to others with confidence! 

We hope that you find these tips to be useful as you begin the process of branding or even re-branding yourself. Start small and work on discovering more things about who you are and make yourself the best nanny you can be!

Best of luck and we look forward to hearing from your experiences next week!


Samantha Carney

Photo Credit: Women in Tech (https://flic.kr/p/AhMGdJ)