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Staying Healthy When Sicknesses Arise

Good evening everyone!

We hope you all are doing well as we jump into the spring season! With the allergies picking up and the stomach bugs going around, we wanted to take a moment to share some helpful tips on how to stay healthy and strong. These tips will not only be helpful for your kiddos, but also for you as a nanny! Because we all know, if you aren't at your best, it's very difficult to provide quality care to your little ones. Please take note of the tips below--we hope you enjoy!

1. Hydrate! - If there's ever a time to be drinking more water, it's definitely now. Water helps with headaches, flushes out those gross toxins, helps with digestion and relieves fatigue, just to name a few! If you dislike drinking water or want to jazz it up a little bit this season, consider adding in fruits and vegetables into your favorite water bottle. Adding cucumbers, strawberries and even lemons can give you that boost you need. Do you forget to drink water regularly? Have a little fun and go shopping for a new stylish water bottle to help remind you! Share this tip with your kiddos to help everyone increase their water intake.

2. Increase your exercise - Have you slacked off with running since it's been cold outside? One of the best ways to increase your immune system is to increase your activity. So be sure to take every opportunity to increase your exercise levels (this can even be with your kids!). Take a few extra trips to the park, play soccer or even go for walks when possible. Getting those endorphins running through everyone's systems will also improve everyone's mood, so it's a two-for-one deal!

3. Drink more hot tea - Drinking hot tea with lemon and honey added to it both helps open up those sinus passages and move out the sick germs easier. Use this as an opportunity to even have a real life tea party with your kids to help boost immunity!

4. Sanitize common areas/surfaces - Think of things you touch daily at work (and at home) and take a little extra time to do some spring cleaning for your health! This includes door handles, the microwave, steering wheel, your cell phone, and anything else that might be touched regularly. This is also a great opportunity to remind everyone of safe handwashing practices. Sing the "ABC song" with your kiddos to help make sure they wash their hands for the appropriate amount of time. You might even be able to incorporate a fun game with this simple activity!

5. Increase time to relax - When you aren't at work, be sure to take this time to take care of your body and mind. We mention taking care of your mental health regularly here with our nanny tips and want to bring this up as a reminder for all. Make your "me time" intentional and take care of yourself when you aren't working. Find some unique ways to enjoy your "me time" by taking up coloring (while not on the job) or even listening to some inspirational podcasts while walking to and from your errands.

Well, that's going to be all from us this week. Again, be sure to take care of yourself because staying healthy is of greatest importance! Thanks so much for tuning in and we can't wait to bring you another great nanny tip next time!


Samantha Carney

Photo Credit: Kourtlyn Lott (https://flic.kr/p/atwM8f)