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Sprinkler Games Your Kids Have to Try!

Good evening to all of our readers!

With summer continuing to bring us warmth, fun, activities and barbecues, Chicago Collegiate Nannies has another awesome Nanny Tip of the Week for you. Specifically, this week's nanny tip will address how to stay cool with just the sprinkler! For those nannies that work with families that have a sprinkler, you are definitely going to want to try a few of these out. And for those who don't have a sprinkler, this is a great opportunity to connect with other families (and nannies!) in the neighborhood and have fun playing games with the neighborhood kids together. Be creative and most of all, have fun with these games and ideas!

1. Freeze Dancing - This game is similar to the game "Freeze!" except includes a water sprinkler. Have one person be in charge of "kinking" the hose or turning off the hose and everyone else dancing in the sprinkler. Whenever the water turns off, everyone has to freeze. Whomever is still dancing last is out and has a seat. Be sure to rotate the "hose-master" each round so everyone gets a turn!

2. Sprinkler Obstacle Course - Like your traditional obstacle course, set up several stations around the sprinkler that you have to complete to get to the finish line. If the sprinkler gets you wet, start again from the beginning. You can also time everyone to see if they can beat their own time each chance they get!

3. Sponge Relay - First, you'll need one bucket per team and several sponges per team (the bigger the better!). Place the bucket for each team far from the sprinkler, then at the start of the game, have each team attempt to fill the bucket with water from the sprinkler and with their sponges that they have filled with water. The first team to fill their bucket wins!

4. "Don't Want a Bath" - Start out this game by covering everyone in tempers paint (so fun!) and turn on the sprinkler. The main point of this game is to make it through the sprinkler while getting the least amount of paint off of you. The player who stays the 'dirtiest' wins the game! 

So next time the sprinkler is on at the house, go and get outside and try some of these fun games! You'll not only cool down on these hot summer days, but you'll also make some great summer memories with your kiddos. Thanks for reading and we look forward to bringing you another fun nanny tip next week! 


Samantha Carney

Photo Credit: Alosh Bennett (https://flic.kr/p/4FerPK)