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Splashing Around: Summertime Pool Games

Hello to all of our readers!

Our team at Chicago Collegiate Nannies all hopes that you all had a wonderful Father’s Day last weekend! Now that the temperatures are getting higher, having some fun pool games in your back pocket is practically essential. Please enjoy this week’s Nanny Tip of the Week and give a few of these games a try!

1. Shark in the Pool – This game is similar to “tag” but takes place in the pool. One person is considered “it” (or the “shark”) and when the game begins, the “shark” attempts to tag other players in the pool. Players are allowed to jump out of the pool, but only for five seconds at a time. To make this game more fun, have the “shark” wear some goofy goggles, flippers or other pool toy to identify that they are the “shark”!

2. Pool Scavenger Hunt – Just like the classic scavenger hunt, you will want to separate into two teams for this game. Have the game master place two of each item into the pool (this game works great with larger pools!) and at the whistle blow, have each time attempt to find every item on the list. The first team that completes the scavenger hunt wins!

3. Duck Race – This game is especially fun because it requires no hands to win at this game. Separate into teams of 3-4 players and give each team a rubber duck. The object of the game is to move the rubber duck to the other side of the pool without using your hands: you must move the duck with your nose or by blowing on it. The first team to get the duck back to their side of the pool after each team member goes wins!

4. Underwater Humming – Want to work on your singing skills underwater? Then this game is perfect for you! Separate into pairs and select a song to hum underwater. When you start, have both members of the pair go underwater and one begins humming their favorite tune. If your teammate hasn’t guessed by the third attempt, reveal the song name and switch turns.

That’s going to be all from us this week! Be sure you give one or more of these fun games a try this summer! We are sure you will enjoy pool time so much more. Thanks again for reading and we hope you have a wonderful week!


Samantha Carney

Photo Credit: Thierry Draus (https://flic.kr/p/cLGVKJ)