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Snow Day Snow Play!

Hello all!

With the increase of snow this season, this week's Nanny Tip of the Week is going to address just that! I know that when that fluffy precipitation hits and school gets cancelled, the first thing most kids want to do is play in the snow. Aside from the classic snow angel and snowman building, here are a few fun tips I found to shake things up a bit and have some more fun outside!

1. Make some "snow chalk" - Find an empty spray bottle, fill it with water and food coloring, mix together and spray away! You can create snow sculptures and spray them with whatever colors you have or just decorate the back yard with a rainbow of colors. Obviously, supervise carefully with this as you don't want to have your kids squirt themselves in the eyes or anything like that. Otherwise, this is a fun way to do some arts & crafts outside!

2. Blow frozen bubbles - If the weather is below freezing, this is a great activity. When you blow regular bubbles in cold temperatures, they freeze on the wand. Try to see how big and fast you can blow them! This activity can occupy some of your littler kids for quite a while.

3. Play hide and seek with "treasure gems" - This will take some prep work ahead of time, but can be great if you have kids that love hide and seek! Take an ice cube tray, fill it with water, and add food coloring. Your ice cubes will be a variety of colors when they freeze and voila--you have frozen gems! Hide them in the snow and take turns playing hide and seek to find them. This game can also be great with groups so invite the neighborhood kids over to join!

4. Whip up some snow cream - Want to make a fun sweet snow treat? My big tip with this is to make sure you prepare ahead of time for this so your snow is nice and clean.

You'll need the following ingredients:
1/2 cup of whole milk, 1/4 cup sugar, 1/2 tsp. vanilla, and 4 cups of clean snow or shaved ice

Once you have all of that, Blend the milk, sugar and vanilla together until the sugar dissolves. Mix 4 cups of snow and stir until it resembles ice cream. Then you're ready to eat it! Add whatever toppings you wish (i.e. almonds, chocolate syrup, caramel) and enjoy!

5. Make a "snow volcano" - Do you have a kid that loves science experiments? Then try out this activity!

Here are the materials you will need:
A cup or plastic bottle from recycling, Snow, Baking soda, vinegar, Food coloring or liquid watercolors

Create a mound of snow in the shape of a volcano, place the cup inside the middle of it, add the baking soda and food coloring to the inside of the cup, then add the vinegar and watch the reaction. For kids that are a little bit older, you can explain more about the reaction of baking soda and vinegar and what happens when you combine them (this is great for all of those science majors out there!). Make big or little volcanoes and use different colors to decorate the yard!

All of these tips/ideas have come from the links below and some I have already previously done before myself so give them a try! Also, please be sure to okay these activities with your employers before you do them as some of them can get a bit messy. Now that we've shared some fun snow ideas with you, we want to hear what other ideas you have when it comes to playing in the snow! So please share and comment with your feedback as we love to hear from working nannies!

Well, that's all for this week. Stay warm out there and have fun with snow in some new ways this season!


Samantha Carney


Photo Credit: Clintus (https://flic.kr/p/9JzfGS)