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How to Have the Awkward Conversation: Asking for a Raise

Good morning and Happy Memorial Day!

For many nannies, there will come a time around either a six months or one year into a position where several conversation topics arise. Sometimes it may be about a new schedule change, sometimes you may discuss staying longer than your one year contract and sometimes you may feel it's time to have the awkward conversation: asking for a raise. Though this conversation can seem uncomfortable, we have several tips to keep in mind if you decide that it is time to bring it up so that it doesn't feel awkward. Check out the tips below so that you can feel ready and prepared!

1. Find the right time and plan it out - As I have stated before in previous posts, be sure to have conversations related to your job at the right time and at the right place. Your employer will likely feel blindsided if you attempt to talk about a salary increase when the kids just got home from soccer camp and are trying to shower before dinner. Set up your meeting, put it on a calendar and come prepared with talking/discussion points. I promise that you will thank yourself for setting the stage for these types of discussions!

2. Come prepared with reasons for wanting a raise - Having concrete examples and justifications for your raise will make the reasons behind you asking for a raise more understandable. For example, if you had just recently completed your Elementary Education degree and have new certifications to back up your experience, come prepared with that information. Additionally, be ready to provide specific examples that support how you have gone above and beyond your job description and deserve that salary increase. Your employers will be able to see that hard evidence of the work you have put into your position and will be more likely to reward you accordingly.

3. Be open minded - If you come into a salary discussion with an aggressive and demanding disposition, your chances of making your employers budge on anything is likely going to be very low. Keep an idea in mind of where you would like to see your salary move up to, but be willing to compromise and negotiate. For example, if your employers are willing to provide you with more paid holidays rather than a weekly or monthly increase and you are willing to accommodate that change, be open to what possibilities can be discussed. Another tip: be willing to listen! Don't go into the conversation with expecting to say everything you want to say without hearing out the other side. 

4. Be okay with having multiple conversations - There may be times when this discussion may take some thought. Being okay with revisiting the conversation will help your employers not feel pressured on making a final decision in one meeting. However, be sure to set clear expectations if you plan to have additional meetings about a salary increase so that the whole process does not drag out for too long. 

5. Maintain professionalism always - Again, if you've never had this discussion with an employer before, this may seem uncomfortable and nerve-racking. Regardless of that fact, be professional and confident throughout it all. Don't allow yourself to let your emotions drive the conversation, but rather have everything as thought out and planned as possible. Your employers will certainly notice your willingness to maintain professionalism and will appreciate that you take yourself seriously. 

We hope you can file away these tips as you come up to your annual reviews and feel more prepared next time the awkward conversation comes up. Remember your abilities, skills and professionalism to help drive the conversation effectively and get the raise you hope for! We hope you all have an incredible holiday and we look forward to providing you with another awesome Nanny Tip of the Week next week!


Samantha Carney

Photo Credit: Tax Credits (https://flic.kr/p/cEJ54Q)