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Fun Motor Activities to Try with Toddlers!

Happy Sunday!

We hope you all have been enjoying this season as summer ends and fall begins. For those that have started new positions, we want to focus this week's Nanny Tip of the Week on motor activities that you can try that are specific to toddlers! Toddlers are at a stage in development where a lot of gross motor skills are being developed and learned and it is incredibly important to be both up to date on where they are at developmentally and prepared with what milestones are coming up. Whether your kiddo is just entering toddlerhood or has been in it for a few months now, these activities are great to try and will certainly help them develop their skills more effectively. Be sure to give one or more of these a try!

1. Cardboard Beads Threading Activity - Need a quiet activity for toddlers? All you need for this activity are some cardboard tubes, some paint and strong string/twine. Paint your cardboard tubes different colors and cut them into different lengths and use these as the "beads." You can also take some pipe cleaners and wrap them with string to make stringing the beads together a lot easier. Check out the link here for more information and ways to help get you started! http://theimaginationtree.com/2014/04/cardboard-beads-threading-activity-for-toddlers.html

2. Create a Sensory Bin - You may want to team up with your employers on this one to get you started, but once you complete this, you can use this bin as a way to get your child to work on those gross motor skills they are learning how to perfect! You can fill it with dried pasta, silly putty, kinetic sand, colored salt, figurines/animals, and many more items. Be creative with this one and find ways to imaginatively play with your toddler! Check out the link here for more information and great ideas on theme specific sensory bins: http://myboredtoddler.com/sensory-bins-for-toddlers/

3. Pool Noodle Obstacle Course - Want to take these gross motor skills outside? Create a pool noodle obstacle course for your toddler! You will need some BBQ bamboo skewers, a variety of pool noodles and some creativity to make your obstacle course. What's more, you can use your obstacle course in addition to some fun sport activities like soccer or bowling to help your child learn even more! Check out the link here for more information and ideas: https://developingthewholechild.com/2014/06/19/pool-noodle-obstacle-course/ 

4. Spy Game Scavenger Hunt - This activity is especially great for date nights when the kids want to play a group game! All you need is a maze of tape set up throughout the play space and some items to pick up along the way. Encourage your kiddo to make it through the maze and pick up the items to make it to the finish line! This game can also be played in the dark with some flashlights to make it more like a spy game. Check out the link here for more information: http://handsonaswegrow.com/a-spy-game-scavenger-hunt/

We hope that you enjoyed checking out these great activities we've collected for you and hope you use them with your toddlers as they continue to grow and develop! As always, we love hearing about what other ideas you may have or activities that have worked well for you as your little ones begin to build on these skills. Please feel free to share and comment on what you've tried! Thank you so much for reading and checking in this week and we can't wait to bring you another awesome nanny tip next time. Have a great week!


Samantha Carney

Photo Credit: Philippe Put (https://flic.kr/p/dXqb4V)