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Child Safety Tips You May Not Know

Happy Wednesday everyone!

We hope you are staying warm and cozy through these winter months and having a blast with the kiddos you work with! On this day, we want to take a moment to provide a nanny tip related to something that we often try to put out of our minds, but is also SUPER important: safety. Accidents happen often (especially with little ones) and we want to bring to the forefront of your minds a few things you may have forgotten about or not even known about. I work with a pediatric radiologist and was able to get some helpful insight into things to be careful of when working with children. Please be sure to take a few moments and check up on your child safety with the tips below!

1. Watch out for tiny batteries - Watch batteries, Apple TV remote batteries, you name it. Those tiny little batteries, when swallowed, are a dangerous hazard that burns through little kids’ intestines due to the acidity. If you see them laying around, put them out of reach of children! 

2. Don’t keep children on your lap when going down the slide - Common to popular belief, some people think that having toddlers or little kids on your lap is safer. However, if something were to happen, it’s worse for a child to slam into the force of your adult sized body than it is to have the force of their little bodies hitting a plastic slide. When in doubt, meet them at the bottom of the slide to catch them!

3. Don’t keep around magnetic balls - A popular toy item a few years ago (also known as Bucky Balls) were a pair of super powerful magnetic balls that attached to each other with a lot of force. However, when these were swallowed by little kids, these magnets would often find themselves attached to one another inside their intestines and twist them. This required immediate medical attention as this can be incredibly painful and result in internal damage. If you some of these laying around or anything similar, keep them out of reach!

4. Trampoline safety - Most caregivers know to watch while children are on trampolines. What some fail to remember is how and when kids should be jumping on the trampoline. Though “double bouncing” can be fun, when larger kids jump with littler kids, the infamous “double bounce” can cause some serious damage to the little ones’ limbs. Be sure to have small kids jump with small kids and larger, stronger kids jump with similar sized kids. If you have a small child, and primarily larger children, always opt to have the small one jump alone. 

These are just a few things we want to help make you aware of as parents, caregivers, nannies, etc. Keeping kids safe is our number one priority at Chicago Collegiate Nannies and we wanted to share this knowledge to help avoid some possibly dangerous situations. If you have other helpful safety tips you’d like to share, please feel free to comment below! We love to hear feedback from parents and our nanny community. Thanks so much for checking out this week’s nanny tip and we look forward to bringing you another one soon!


Samantha Speed

Photo Credit: MattLP (https://flic.kr/p/bWBUGp)