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Caring For Yourself With A Busy Schedule

Good morning everyone,

We hope that you all had a safe and fun weekend and hope that everything is going well for you and your family. For those nannies who feel swamped with work and are ready for a vacation, I'm sure you're not the only one! This week's nanny tip, I want to offer you some ways that you can take a "mental vacation" when there's not enough time to take an actual vacation. Please enjoy these few self-care tips to help keep you motivated and doing well as a nanny!

1. Practice some deep breathing - Need to take a five minute break? Download the app 'Smiling Mind' for some easy, quick mindfulness activities to practice that will help calm and focus you on watching those active kiddos! Check out the link here for how to download it: https://smilingmind.com.au

2. Set a designated nap time once per week  - What's important when setting a designated nap time is to keep it to a maximum of twenty minutes. This amount of time is just long enough for your brain to disengage from the stress you might be feeling while still not being too long where you go into a deep sleep. Find a way to get to work early and take a twenty minute "cat-nap" in your car or set a timer for twenty minutes right when you get home from work. 

3. Get a "grown up" coloring book - The new fad right now is to go back to one's youthful roots and get back into coloring! Not only are they a little more complicated than typical coloring pages, but they also can help relax you and allow you to focus in on one thing at a time. Check out in stores or online for a wide variety of them, but check out the link here for some examples: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1941325122

4. Plan a self-care day once per month - Find a day to just do things that YOU want to do and make it happen! Whether you schedule a massage, go for a run down Lakeshore Drive to clear your head, go to a painting class or take a day trip to somewhere you've never been before, having a scheduled day for yourself can be incredibly therapeutic and something to look forward to with your busy schedule. Check out the link here for some other great ideas: https://www.google.com/amp/s/theselfcompassionproject.com/2013/06/03/80-self-care-ideas/amp/?client=safari

No matter how busy we all get as nannies, it's incredibly important to take care of yourself and make it happen no matter what. This helps you be able to stay focused, energized and enjoying your job. Please be sure to share what other great ideas you have to take care of yourself. Thanks so much for checking in to our nanny tip this week and we look forward to bringing you another helpful tip next week. Have a great week!

Samantha Carney

Photo Credit: Ben Seidelman (https://flic.kr/p/KFn6jQ)