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Car Games You've Got To Try!

Good morning everyone!

As summer schedules begin to transition into school year schedules, many children are going to have to be transported by their nannies to and from activities, school and play dates. With all of the time in the car, it’s always great to have a few games to pull out of your back pocket when stuck in traffic. That being said, this week’s Nanny Tip of the Week is going to do just that! Check out these great car games below to try out with your kiddos and to kill some time when you are playing the role of the chauffeur!

1.“I’m Going On a Picnic” - This is a fun alphabet and memory game to play with kids in the car that can be played with as few as two players. The first player starts out by saying, “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing…” then followed by an item that begins with the letter A. The next person repeats what was said by the first person and adds on another item with the letter B. Each player continues the game by adding on items while still trying to remember what was added before. If someone forgets an item, the game starts over. Definitely a fun game to try while in the car!

2.Theme Song Game – For this game, each player takes turns humming the song to a TV show, a particular recording artist, commercial, or any other type of category and everyone tries to guess it as fast as possible. The first person to guess the song wins the round!

3.Team Storytelling – Ask each person in the car to create a line for a story, then have everyone else add a line as you go! You can even make things more interesting by trying to complete the story as fast as possible, taking turns out of order or trying to rhyme to make it more challenging. Have someone write or record the story so you can go back and re-read it at a later date.

4.I Spy Mission – Have prepared a list of items for your kids to find while driving (make them a mixture of common items and random items!) and a place to mark of whenever they find them. Be sure you have new lists for each time you have long drives to change it up!

5.Hot Seat Game – Take turns being asked 5 questions that you must answer about yourself if you are in the hot seat! This is especially fun for car rides with several other kids in the car. Also, you only can veto or “throw out” one question of the five so choose wisely! Be sure to keep questions appropriate and see how much everyone can learn about each other!

Well that’s going to be all from us this week at CCN. Thanks for taking some time to read this week’s Nanny Tip of the Week and we look forward to seeing you all next week. Be sure to comment below on other great games you like to play in the car!


Samantha Carney

Photo Credit: Jencu (https://flic.kr/p/9vCE1r)