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Best Practices for Adding Value as a Nanny

Good afternoon!

As many might assume, there's a difference between a nanny and a great nanny. Many times going the extra mile in your role as a nanny makes your family want to keep you around longer and at times a great candidate for getting a raise later on down the road. This week's Nanny Tip of the Week relates to ways you can bring value adds to your position and be remembered around the neighborhood as one of the best! If you haven't tried any of these tips below, begin to think about how you can begin implementing them and in what ways you can improve!

  1. Don't waste time - If you see a task that can be completed during a child's naptime, do it! If you see the closet is a mess and could use a little extra TLC, do it! This tip is especially important when you have down time as this is one of the best times you can complete additional tasks. Plus, most times you are still getting paid to be there with the children during those breaks, so use that time to its full advantage. I'm sure most parents appreciate knowing that their nanny is not just someone that is going to supervise the kids, but that they are going to go above and beyond to fill their time wisely.
  2. Become more aware and take notice - If you notice that the kids have begun to have more hectic schedules and are having trouble during transitions (i.e. between school and sports practices), find ways you can streamline transitions and be of assistance. For example, if you find that the kids tend to get frustrated after school and before soccer practice, make sure their soccer equipment is ready before they get home and that a snack is already picked out for them on the car ride there. Not only will you have happier kids, but your schedule won't seem as stressful and will certainly run more smoothly!
  3. Find ways to improve your skill set - Maybe you've been thinking of going back to school, taking some Spanish classes or working to be a better cook. Find what areas you can improve on personally and keep your family informed of your goals! Families will certainly take notice and of your desire to be a more skilled person (and nanny) and can take that into account when discussions of a pay increase come up. Take these things and use them to boost your resume--you'll thank yourself later on down the road!
  4. Realize that flexibility and a positive attitude is essential - No matter what job you take on, being okay with change is something everyone can find applicable to their experience. There will absolutely be times when schedules will need to change, bedtime will become earlier or a new baby might make his/her entrance into the world! Being flexible with these types of changes and keeping a positive attitude through it all will create a happier work environment for both you and the family. Practice these characteristics to find more appreciation in the work you provide and your family will notice your willingness to make the most of change.

Please give these tips a try and let us know your thoughts afterwards! Thanks so much for stopping by to check out this week's Nanny Tip of the Week and we look forward to providing you a great tip again next week. Happy Sunday and have a great week!


Samantha Carney

Photo Credit: Rory MacLeod (https://flic.kr/p/9y6tHL)