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Back to School: Tips On How To Transition

Good evening to all of our readers!

As the month of August rolls in, everyone is reminded of the upcoming school year and the transition bound to come, both for families and nannies. Nannies that have worked through the summer will certainly have a shift in responsibilities and children will need to be mentally geared up for heading back to school. This week's Nanny Tip of the Week is all about best practices on how to prepare yourself, your employers and the kids you care for for heading back to school. We hope this tip helps prepare you and that you feel equipped for the change that is coming!

1. Review expectations with your employers - Having a totally different schedule from the summer to the fall is very likely to occur (especially for school age children) so be sure you schedule a brief meeting to discuss changes in schedule with your employer. The sooner you discuss this, the more prepared you and your employer will both feel and the less anxious you will both feel. Additionally, this will give you time to wrap your brain around what things you will need to focus on in the new school year (i.e. helping the kids with reading, reviewing concepts from last year, etc.).

2. Begin preparing your kids for the new school year - Whether this includes having regular conversations about going back to school or even brushing up on math skills, getting your kids in the mindset for what is coming up will also reduce their own anxieties about going back to school. Also, if there are any changes in the schedule, having a brief chat with the kids on what your new responsibilities will look like and the expectations you have for them when school starts will be important to communicate. If you find that making these conversation more fun rather than dreadful will be your key during this time. 

3. Prepare your own schedule to assist the family's new needs - For many nannies, going from full time care in the summer to part time/after school care during the school year will inevitably lead to less hours with your family (unless they plan to schedule you for household management). Should you need to fill in extra hours for yourself, use this time to plan how you will do that (i.e. getting a morning job with another family, offering to provide household management, taking some continuing education classes/scheduling your college classes in the mornings, etc.). Waiting until the last minute to get your own schedule can create a lot of disorganization and it is best to feel relaxed when school starts back rather than stressed!

4. Find ways to make going back to school fun - Do you have an opportunity to go back to school shopping with the kids? Are there back to school projects that need to be done that you can work on with the kids ahead of time? Does your kid have a fun idea on a back to school party they want to plan? Use this time to help your kids prepare for that! When your kids feel more excited about what's to come, they are going to be less likely to complain and feel stressed about the long list that needs to be completed prior to starting back. 

Be sure to give a few (or more!) of these tips a try and enjoy the process of going back to school! Feel confident, prepared and excited as you venture into this new season of transition and ensure you convey that to your kiddos. Thanks for reading this week's nanny tip and we look forward to seeing you next week!


Samantha Carney

Photo Credit: Philippe Put (https://flic.kr/p/c1keFy