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How to Prevent Nanny Burnout in Chicago

Working as a nanny is stressful. The hours are long and sometimes erratic, your tasks are mentally and physically demanding, and you’re often doing it all on your own. In any job, a healthy work-life balance is important, but actually achieving that balance can be tough, especially for nannies. Dealing with and preventing nanny burnout might seem like an impossible feat if you’re already feeling it, but we’re here to help. Here are a few ways that Chicago nannies can prevent burnout, so they can take care of themselves and others.

How to Find Nanny Positions in Chicago

Chicago is a wonderful nanny-friendly city. There are plenty of families in every neighborhood and tons of kid-friendly activities that nannies can enjoy with their charges. If you’re on the hunt for a new family in Chicago, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the process. That’s why we’re sharing a few tips to help prepare you before you start your next job hunt!

1. Make sure your resume is up-to-date

Some nannies may not revise their resume very often, especially if they’re employed by a family for a long time. And that’s okay!

To update your resume, be sure to:

Child Development Tips Every Nanny Should Know

Happy Sunday to all of our nannies and readers!

We will be vamping back up our Nanny Tip of the Week this week and bringing you a great topic about child development. Every child develops in a different way than the child next to them from another family. So one has to wonder, “How can we as nannies help a child develop in the healthiest way possible?” Take a look at a few bits of information from the World Health Organization we think are super helpful to consider and how we can relate it to being a great nanny!

New Year, New Nanny

Good evening readers!

Now that we have started a new year, we cannot fail to recognize all of the growth we have seen in all of our nannies here at Chicago Collegiate Nannies. We are so excited to have been a part of helping so many families make wonderful connections this year and we look forward to hearing many more success stories from families in the new year!


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