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Helpful Reminders For After The Holidays

Good evening readers!

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays including traveling, changes in schedules and transitioning back to a new routine, it's especially important to prepare your little ones prior to starting back with the new semester. By keeping your kiddos focused and guiding them through the new year, you can help be a consistent support for your employer. Please be sure to keep these helpful reminders in mind to ensure 2017 is as smooth as possible!

Countdown To The Holidays: Tips & Reminders

Good evening to you all!

As Thanksgiving weekend comes to a close, our agency members at Chicago Collegiate Nannies hopes that you have all had a restful and relaxing start to your holiday season. For all of our nannies who have busy schedules and things to get in order for the holiday season, we want to provide you all with a few helpful tips and reminders to keep in mind to help keep you focused and on top of things for the families you work for as schedules get busier! 

Fun Thanksgiving Treats for Kids!

Happy Sunday everyone!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, there is certainly a whole lot of events and family gatherings getting scheduled and happening. For you and your little ones, here are a few fun sweet recipes you can whip up for your child's next Thanksgiving party or classroom party to share with everyone! Be sure to keep in mind the spirit of Thanksgiving and to remind your kids what the holiday season is meant to be about: to truly be thankful for friends, family and the things that they may take for granted. Please enjoy these fun and easy dessert recipes!

Last Minute Costume Ideas!

Happy Sunday evening everyone!

With Halloween (literally) just around the corner, I know there's got to be more than just one do us who didn't plan their kids' costume...have no fear! This week's nanny tip is here to help you out. Check out these great last minute/DIY costume ideas for your kiddos so they can go trick or treating in style this year. Please enjoy and have a fun time using that creativity! 

Helpful Halloween Safety Tips

Happy Sunday to all of our readers!

As exciting as this fall season has already been, it's also very important to keep safety in mind. More specifically, Halloween is a great time of year full of fun costumes, parties, crafts and the ever-fabulous endless nights of fulfilling the sweet tooth urges! For those that are going trick-or-treating this Halloween, we at Chicago Collegiate Nannies want to share a few helpful tips to keep in mind as you take your little ones out and about. 


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