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Pumpkin Activities for Kids!

Good evening to all of our readers!

Thanks so much for checking in for this week's Nanny Tip of the Week! Considering that autumn is here and has fully arrived, this week's nanny tip is going to be all about the ever classic fall item: the pumpkin! For all ages, we have some super fun activities to give you all to try this season. Whether you've got several neighborhood kids to come over and do a fun pumpkin craft or you just do it with your kiddos, this week's got several fun resources for you to try. Please enjoy!

Car Games You've Got To Try!

Good morning everyone!

As summer schedules begin to transition into school year schedules, many children are going to have to be transported by their nannies to and from activities, school and play dates. With all of the time in the car, it’s always great to have a few games to pull out of your back pocket when stuck in traffic. That being said, this week’s Nanny Tip of the Week is going to do just that! Check out these great car games below to try out with your kiddos and to kill some time when you are playing the role of the chauffeur!

Must Have Father's Day Gifts

Good evening nannies!

Are you on the hunt for some fun Father's Day gifts your kiddos can make for their dear old dad? Do you also feel like gifting for men is unbelievably difficult? You are not alone! Thankfully as an agency, Chicago Collegiate Nannies wants to help you feel prepared and excited to celebrate those father figures in your kid's lives! Check out some of the fun ideas we have below and give one (or more) of them a try!


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