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What to Look for When Searching for Nanny Jobs in Chicago

Before deciding on a nanny job in Chicago, there are a few important factors to consider that will help you find the right family. First of all, it’s very important that you feel comfortable with a prospective family and their home. But don’t forget to look at details like job expectations, commute, pay, and a few other things before you interview or sign a nanny contract!

Check the number of children and responsibilities

As a nanny, you might prefer to spend time one-on-one with younger children or infants. Or, you may like working with multiple children who are older. Even though every family is different, finding one with the dynamics you prefer will make you and the family more comfortable and satisfied with your experience.

Once you’ve narrowed down families that have the preferred number and age range of children, look at the parents’ expected responsibilities. Some questions to consider include:

  • Will you stick to child care only?
  • Are you expected to help or tutor with homework?
  • Will you be cooking full meals for the children?
  • Are light household duties like cleaning and laundry expected?
  • Will you be picking up or dropping off children at school or other activities?
  • What happens when parents have to work late or travel?

When you have a clear understanding of the responsibilities involved with your position, you’ll be on the same page with your future employer.

Make sure you’re comfortable commuting to the family

Even though Chicago commutes aren’t as bad as other cities in the U.S., commute times are still long and expensive. Whether you drive or take public transportation, commute time can make or break a job if you live in the city and a family lives in the suburbs, or vice versa. Make sure you find a family you can easily get to if low-stress commutes are very important to you. Certain suburbs like La Grange and Glenview aren’t too difficult to get to from downtown.

Of course, commute time will depend on your desired type of job and work hours. As a live-in nanny you probably won’t be commuting as much, but if your regular schedule requires you to get to the family’s home during rush hour or before, remember to factor in transportation time. Don’t forget to consider factors like bad weather, too. Can you get to the home during snowy winter months in Chicago if you’re not driving?  

Consider the hours and pay

Like job responsibilities, you’ll want to find a position that meets your desired pay and expected hours. Are you looking for part-time or full-time work? Are you willing to work overtime, or travel with the family during extended vacations? Find a family that will agree with you on your hours. Of course, things happen: parents may have to work late, or they may need you to watch the children on short notice. But be sure that your expectations are clear and firm, so your willingness to pitch in during emergencies is not taken advantage of.

Nanny wages can vary greatly based on location, responsibilities, employment status, and years of experience. An annual average salary for nannies in Chicago is just over $35k while the recommended rate for 2 kids is $19.21 per hour. To get a better idea of rates in your area, talk to other nannies and families in the neighborhood, review local sites and forums, and of course chat with your nanny agency if you choose one.

Use a reputable nanny agency

Having access to a pool of families who have been interviewed and vetted is invaluable. That’s why finding a nanny agency in Chicago that you want to work with is a great idea when searching for nanny jobs. You can remove the hassle of searching for a job on your own by joining Chicago Collegiate Nannies! Unlike searching on your own or using “head hunter” style nanny services, our nanny agency is reputable and highly recommended. We’ll pair you with the best families that match your experience and expertise. On top of that, many of our Chicago nannies find positions that pay over the average $35,000 salary — our full-time nannies average $40-45,000 a year.

Interested in working with us to find your next job? Learn more about joining our Chicago nanny agency now!