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Best Online Resources for Nannies in Chicago

Caring for kids and maintaining a healthy relationship with their parents can leave little time for self-care. As a nanny, it’s easy to have days when you feel overwhelmed or stuck. We’ve got you covered. When you need a little support from other nannies or ideas for activities in Chicago, check out this list of online resources for inspiration.

Best resource for activities in Chicago: Mommy Nearest

Mommy Nearest has everything a nanny needs for finding things to do in the city. Articles include events by calendar month, unique activity ideas like art studios and rocking climbing, kid-friendly movie theaters and bookstores, indoor activities for cold or rainy days...the list goes on and on. Mommy Nearest even has articles organized by neighborhood, holidays, and discounts.

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Best site for other nannies’ support: Care.com Community

When you want honest, real-life feedback or support from other nannies, the Care.com community forums are a great place to browse. Discussion topics include practical business stuff like negotiating pay rates and questions to ask during interviews. Less serious but still informative topics include embarrassing moments on the job and favorite activities to do with a new family. Even if you don’t post any questions or answers on the forums, reading them can be inspiring and make you feel less alone as a nanny!

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Best resource for life in Chicago: Second City Mom

Leyla of Second City Mom loves Chicago. You can tell just by skimming through her blog. She frequently takes beautiful photographs with her kids in front of murals, in picturesque parks, and in Instagram-worthy buildings like The Rookery or Stony Island Arts Bank. Many of these photogenic spots are kid-friendly or educational, like The Art Institute or Lincoln Park Zoo’s Boardwalk. Second City Mom inspires a love for Chicago, but it also includes practical posts for nannies like walkable places to take a stroller and enjoying springtime in the city.

Similar resource: Neighborhood Parents Network

Best site for nannies and families: The Windy City Nanny

The Windy City Nanny, aka Florence Ann or “Auntie Lo,” writes blog posts for parents and nannies. Born and raised in Chicago, she’s had years of experience as a nanny. All of her blog posts are helpful and informative for nannies. Nannies can find articles on how to say “no” to kids, craft ideas, asking for time off, and more. If you can’t get enough of The Windy City Nanny blog, Florence Ann even wrote a sweet picture book called Nanny and Me, which helps families welcome nannies into their home.

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Best resource for finding a new family: Chicago Collegiate Nannies

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